Sunday, August 07, 2005

Thoughts on God's Grace

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In review of the new Amazing Grace DVD, I must say that it is an engaging expose of the doctrines of grace. I am happy that we have been able to become good friends with the writer of the script, Jerry Johnson, and have been able to serve many others across America by providing it to them. It is a good beginning for those who have questions concerning the doctrines of grace, or as they are commonly called, Calvinism. My prayer is that God will use the DVD series to enlighten His people to His truth. In reflecting on those doctrines, I am constantly amazed at how gracious and merciful God has been to me. I was the chief of sinners in many repsects and continue to see how I still am. For now my sin is not as blatant as it was, but rather God reveals the roots of my sin. Though my heart is converted, I am clearly seeing how we train our hearts in unrighteousness and often that trainging is hard to break. Therefore, God's grace is not something that I needed just once in the past, but it is something that must take hold of me every moment of the day. For if God does not correct me and discipline me, then it is clear evidence from Scripture that He does not love me with a redeeming love. Yet, I know my Father loves me, for He does chasten me as I do my sons and daughters because I love them. Therefore, I lift my hands to Him in praise and adoration of His incredible and amazing grace that not only is able to save me, but is able to break the bonds and chains of sin in my heart and completely set me free from the presence of sin in the life to come. May He grant it for His glory. Amen.

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DOGpreacher said...

I have been this very day, through your posts from most recent to here, and I also lift my hands in praise. Sovereign, almighty God has led me to a brother who I see is after God and His word. I praise Him for that this morning, among so many more wonderful things. The DVD's are great, and most of my church has watched them, and they were instrumental in this period of reformation within this church. ...I am...

grateful for grace.