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Basic characteristics for a husband - Purposeful Procession towards Marriage pt. 3

The very basic, minimal requirements of a young man who is interested in showing his interest in or inquiring of courting a young woman are as follows:

  1. He must be a Christian (2 Cor. 6:14)

  2. He must be committed to biblical headship (Eph. 5:23ff)

  3. He must welcome children (Ps. 127:3-5)

  4. He must be a suitable priest (Josh. 24:15)

  5. He must be a prophet (Eph. 6:4)

  6. He must be a protector (Neh. 4:13-14)

  7. He must be a provider (1 Tim. 5:18; Titus 2:5; 2 Thess. 3:10)

This list comes from Voddie Baucom in his book titled, "What he must be...if he wants to marry my daughter." I would assert that this is the bare minimum for a young man to attain if he wishes to seek out a young woman for a bride. you may look at the list and say, "Wow! You're asking for a lot there. You need to be more reasonable. You'll never find someone like that." Well, if you are ok with something less for your daughter gentlemen, then you will answer to God for not holding to a high standard of a man to entrust your daughter to. The life she leads will largely depend upon the father's evaluation of the young man who might seek her hand in marriage. We must be wise father's and sober minded in this area.

Now, let me say this: if we see a young man that has potential who may have inquired of us of our daughters, but has not quite attained these things, we should not totally dismiss him. By this, I mean that we should be those who graciously become mentors for them to help shape and mold them into mighty men of God that we will accept as son-in-laws. However, even in doing that, it must be made clear that they are not to pursue a relationship with our daughters unless we have given our permission. By pursuing a relationship, I mean that they are not to develop an emotional relationship whereby there is a seeking of a physical type relationship and showing of interest in a romantic way. Of course they may be friends, but that should be the extent of it. In my next post I will be linking to a short article on betrothal and find that it is more in line with how my mind set is. It's just that I have never actually had someone say this, so thought it would be something good for others to read.

I'll be going through these qualifications one by one over the next few posts. So stay tuned.

Beginning a Family - Purposeful Procession towards Marriage pt. 2

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Gen. 2:24

Before looking at the biblical presentation of how a family begins, I think it is important to look at authority structure. The Bible is very clear on how authority is to be understood. We read of a certain Centurion in the gospels who knew authority well, as he was both under authority and also in a place of authority. In Matthew 8 we read of this man,

8 The centurion answered and said, "Lord, I am not worthy that You should come under my roof. But only speak a word, and my servant will be healed.
9 "For I also am a man under authority, having soldiers under me. And I say to this one, `Go,' and he goes; and to another, `Come,' and he comes; and to my servant, `Do this,' and he does it."

Authority, however, does not exist only in the military. It exists in every facet of life and the Bible speaks to each of those instances. It exists in government (Rom. 13:1-7), employer/employee(master/slave) relationships (Eph. 6:5-9), God and man (1 Cor. 11:3), man and woman (1 Cor. 11:3; Eph. 5:22), parents and children (Eph. 6:1-3). If we fail to understand authority and how God has structured it both for His glory and our good, then we will inevitably be in error at many points of our theology and practice. I think the easiest understanding of the authority in regards to the family structure is to see how the "chain of command" is laid out in Scripture and I believe the simplest format that we see is found in 1 Corinthians 11. We read there in verse 3,

3 But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

The term "head" here is the Greek word kephale and it speak not to a physical head attached to the body but metaphorically of the one who has authority. Just as the head of the body controls the movements of the body and is in authority over it, the heads referred to in this text also are in authority over those under them. Notice the flow of authority: God is head of Christ, Christ is head of man, man is head of woman. There is a clear line of authority seen here. Ephesians then expresses the authority of the parents over the children as well, as children are commanded to obey their parents in the Lord.
From this basic structure it appears that men are either in authority or under authority, or both. Thus, we do not see that men are an authority unto themselves. This should be useful to us in understanding roles of fathers with both their sons and daughters in regards to marriage. Authority has to do with one who governs and rules, who sets the boundaries and enacts discipline and/or reward. With that authority structure in place, let's get to the issue of who is the determiner of when a young man becomes an authority for a family of his own, or to put it simply, who determines when the young man is ready to pursue marriage. Let's ask how a family starts. The answer is found in the first family of the human race that was brought about: Adam & Eve. In Genesis 2 we read,

21 ¶ And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept; and He
took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh in its place.
22 Then the rib
which the LORD God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her
to the man.
23 And Adam said: "This is now bone of my bones And flesh of my
flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man."

So, God made a woman just for Adam, a suitable helper. Did you get that? God made a woman to be the perfect companion for Adam. The Hebrew word is explicit in this. The word for made is banah and literally it means "build". God built Eve especially for Adam to be his suitable helper. Now there is no doubt that both Adam and his wife were equals before God. They were both a part of mankind. They were obviously different in that one was a man and the other a woman, and yet they were both made for specific roles and were equipped physically for those roles. I won't get into all the details of the roles here, since that will be for another post, however, we know that physically the man is structured for work and endurance in order that he can provide and protect and the woman is built in such a way as to conceive, bare and nurture children. These things are simply obvious, and yet one is to be in authority and the other under that
authority. It is not a dictatorship that is to be ruled heavy handed and tyrannically, but rather men are commanded to "love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her(Eph. 5:25). So we notice that the first Father, God, was directly involved in the selection, even the building of the wife of the first Adam and that He brought her unto Adam. Luke even says that Adam was the son of God (3:37). Adam was God's son, not divinely, but because of creation. Therefore in the very first marriage we see the father intimately involved in the selection of the wife for his son.
Next we notice the statement, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." We see that a man leaves out from under the authority, protection and provision of the home of his parents and comes directly under the authority of Jesus Christ as a new home is formed with his wife. This is a complete break with the authority of the home of his parents, though as their child he is still to honor them.
So the question comes, "Can a man leave the home before he takes a wife?" Well, the Lord Jesus, in quoting this passage on the subject of divorce, says, "For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." What is the reason a man leaves his father and mother, and likewise a daughter her mother and father? The only reason stated is to be joined to his wife. We might immediately ask, "What about to join the military?" or "What about going to college?" or other such questions. Well the one thing that is specific is that they are to leave their mother and father to be joined to a wife. The woman does the same thing. She is passed from the authority, protection and provision of her father to the authority, protection and provision of her husband. Thus he becomes head of her under the headship of Christ.
This is an important point. For both the young man and the young woman, the father represented God to them and they were to honor and obey him, but now that they are in a new authority structure, the husband is now directly under the headship of Christ and the wife under the headship of her husband. She is to seek the instruction of her husband (1 Tim. 2:11-12; 1 Cor. 14:34-35) and he is to wash her with the water of the word (Eph. 5:26). Once the son followed the voice of his father as he represented God to him and now he is to follow the voice of God as found in the Scriptures on his own.

With this in mind, I am to prepare my sons for leading in this manner. It requires diligently teaching our children when they are younger (Deut. 6:7) the commands of God and then as our sons grow older giving them more and more responsibility, trusting them to make more and more decisions on their own, the more we see them growing in accordance with the will of the father. Thus sons should exhibit these kinds of leadership abilities and qualities long before they leave the home and begin a family of their own. They must not simply be cast out into an authoritative headship directly under Jesus Christ without first experiencing something of it themselves, though it is under the authority of their father. This is why it is needful that our sons have boundaries and their freedoms limited until they begin to learn and do their father's will (to think as their fathers do, which should be in accordance with the will of God).

So, another question arises from this: Who determines when a son is ready for marriage? the son or the father? Obviously the father teaches and trains his son, but does the son set out on his own apart from the father to find a wife and then make all those decisions on his own? Well first remember how we saw God the Father intimately involved in the marriage of the first Adam. you might be inclined to say, "Well yeah, but that was because there was no one else around. It was the first family." I admit with a smile that is correct, but remember that God built Eve specifically to be Adam's helpmate. She was made for him and brought to him by the Father.

Now when the second Adam came, He came in search of a bride, did He not? The church is referred to as the bride of Christ. The apostle Paul speaks of the marriage of a husband and wife being a picture of Christ and His church and yet, did Christ go out seeking to do His own will in finding His bride? No. First he was commended to begin to do so by His Father. He was evaluated by the Father and declared to be well pleasing to the Father (Mark 1:11). It was then that He set out to do the Father's will and only the Father's will and that included pursuing those who would be His bride, whom the Father had chosen from all eternity (Eph. 1:3-6; Matt. 11:27; Jn. 5:30). So must a son seek his father's blessing, not only for the woman he marries, but also in determining his own readiness to pursue a bride and marriage, in the same respect that Jesus did nothing apart from the Father.

When a son is ready for marriage, his father should let him know and it will become more and more evident as the son has the desire and learned to do his father's will. However, according to the reason Jesus made, we might understand that single sons and daughters are to remain under the authority, provision and protection of the father until they are married.

Purposeful Procession towards marriage

I admit that I have several thoughts in regards to what should take place before a man and woman enter into a marriage. It seems that in my day that dating is the acceptable means of obtaining a mate, if indeed that is even the desire. In most cases, dating is preferable to marriage because it seems that many are happy to have the physical and emotional relationship that should only be reserved for marriage in dating without the covenant of marriage and the obligations that are intrinsic to it. However, having gone that way myself as someone who was not a believer, I am interested in how to guide my boys into marriage and how to prepare them as well as preparing my daughters and deal with possible suitors for them. So my aim here is to lay out thoughts and presuppositions and then see if they are biblical or not.

Before I begin, I want this to be clear: my aim is not to condemn people who are doing something different. If you feel intimidated or easily offended, then you may not want to read further. My aim is to simply lay out either what the Scripture says regarding this issue as the bull's eye, if you will. It is where we aim......the glory of God. If we don't have a target we can simply hit anything and then sort of move the bull's eye over where our arrow has struck and say, "it's ok". That is not what these posts will be about. I simply want to map out as clearly as I can what my role as a father is, my wife's role, and the boys and girls under our authorities roles are. So please keep this in mind, in the even that you might want to ask, "Well what if such and such?" and your question is pointed towards something that deviates from the specifics. I will try and deal with things that may arise from a failure to hit the mark.

With this said, I want for anyone to understand something, if my children turn out bad then that is simply on me. Let's put aside the notion that I am the authority and can do no wrong. We must keep in mind the issue of total depravity that works in men. My ego is not at stake here. The glory of God is, for our chief end is to glorify Him. Therefore, if my children turn out to honor Him and follow Him then it is all due to His grace and mercy. That doesn't mean it has nothing to do with our teaching, it just simply points to who is the potter and that is God.

Now, first I start with the sovereignty of God. I know that no man and woman come together apart from the eternal decree and providence of God. this is true whether they are believers or not. In marriage they are no less "one flesh" because of believing or not believing, and ultimately we can say they were brought together by Him. However, let's be clear: we are not to use the Providence of God to somehow justify our wrong actions. In other words, I don't say, "Well God brought me and my wife together and if i hadn't dated her the way we did then we would't be together and so we are thankful for God's providence" as though we simply throw our disobedience upon the providence of God and that makes everything ok. Of course God's providence is at work. Nothing happens that is not a part of that, but we are talking about using His providence as an excuse for our disobedience. I do not advocate that.

As believers we are called to, "do all for the glory of God" (1 Cor. 10:31). This includes preparing for marriage and what type of mate one should be seeking and even how that process should be accomplished. So, while we have some idea of at least a framework of how marriage is spoken of in Scripture, we are very ignorant in how to prepare and lead the young men and women in our own homes in the process of joining themselves to a mate for life. I will attempt to use a phrase that will try and shy away from courting, though I believe this to be a more historic definition that I will seek to use. The phrase I will be using is "a purposeful procession towards marriage". This way much of what we will say will be bound up in the phrase itself. It is not dating, going out with whomever and attaching emotional feeling and touching and such out from under parental authority and it is not a myriad of courting opinions, but simply it is the process of being prepared for marriage and the logical and biblical progression from preparation to selection to marriage.

To begin with I have a few questions of my own to ask and hopefully in my study, by God's grace, I shall find the answers to these along the way. Here they are:

  1. How do we prepare boys and girls minds to think biblically about marriage and the "purposeful procession toward marriage"? (orthodoxy-sound doctrine)

  2. How do we prepare them practically? (orthopraxy-things pertaining to sound doctrine)

  3. What is the role of the father in working with his son in preparing him for marriage and selecting a wife?

  4. What is the role of the father in working with his daughter in preparing her for marriage and dealing with possible suitors?

  5. What is the role of the mother in each?

  6. Are arranged marriages biblical?

  7. Is a son going out on his own to find a wife biblical?

  8. Is a daughter going out on her own to find a husband biblical?

  9. What should a yound man possess and know before making any interest in a young woman known? Likewise, a young woman?

  10. Is a youjnd man's relationship with his mother an indication of how he will treat his wife? Likewise, a young woman with her father. Both with their parents and other siblings.

  11. Is the young man's/woman's view of God, his doctrine and practice important? this may seem to be a given, but sadly doesn't always take precidence.

  12. What is the testimony he/she bears both with his mouth and actions?

  13. Do particular struggles that a young man or woman are currently having hinder them from being ready for marriage?

  14. What is the young man's vision? Likewise the young woman?

  15. Should a possible suitor be left alone with my daughter? Likewise, should my son be alone with a young woman of interest?

  16. Are chaperones necessary if a young man and woman should go some place together? Are older siblings suitable chaperones?

  17. How much time should be given to courting (limited interaction in company)? How much time should be given to engagement (the time of pledging to marry till the wedding day)?

  18. Should a young man already have means of providing before making his interest know to a young woman?

  19. Should a young man ask permission of her father before making his interest known?

  20. Should physical contact be encouraged at all? during courtship? during engagement?

  21. If the young lady doesn't have a father around, should the young man ask permission of the mother? If no parents are around, then what?

  22. What should a young man desire in a wife? Likewise, a young woman in a husband?

  23. Should they both know and understand their roles biblically?

  24. Should they both have positive views of children and welcome them?

These are not all the questions by all means and i certainly may ask many more and hopefully answer them with God's wisdom which comes from His Word. Hopefully though, me being able to write these down I will be able to gain a more solid understanding both of my role as a father in this aspect and also a vision of where I want my children to be at when the time is right to leave the home and exactly how to get them there.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Late Great Planet Church

Well I took the time the other week to sit down for about 2 hours and review the long awaited video from, The Late Great Planet Church (The Rise of Dispensationalism). First and foremost, congratulations to Jerry Johnson and his son Tyler on the production finally being completed. It is very well down both quality wise and in it's content.
This is the first volume in a two volume set that which will be released sometime later. This volume however is an introduction to what dispensationalism is and is not and also discusses the major proponents of dispensationalism such as Charles Ryrie, C. I. Schofield, and John Darby. These are some of the men who made dispensationalism so popular from the 19th and 20th century. Others of late note include such men as Hal Lindsey (where his book Late Great Planet Earth is punned by the title), and those who established Dallas Theological Seminary have turned out millions of people who believe in dispensationalism, though the Bible knows nothing of it. The primary focus of dispensationalism is to somehow divide the people of God into two categories, the geo-political structure of the nation Israel (or those as dispensationalism puts it, who are "physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) and those of the New Testament Church. Rather than see the continuity of both the Old and New Testaments in the people of God and those who are really the children of God as one people, they seek to destroy what Christ has established according to Ephesians 2 where he makes from the 2, Jew and Gentile, one new man. There is to be no more distinctions physically. Rather the distinction is purely spiritual. Thus the true Jew, Paul tells us, is the one that has been circumcised not of the flesh, but of the heart.
So this video seeks to attempt to deal with the birth of the thinking of dispensationalism and also those who promoted it. It primarily is not a theology but an eschatology that has then been read back into the Scriptures and thus the doctrines gained do impact one's thinking. At no time in church history was dispensationalism known until the 1800's. So it is relatively new. This does not make it wrong, but one should be careful in believing something that the church has not held to since the creation. Along with the primary distinction of the Church and Israel, there are also other doctrines such as a secret rapture and a 7 year Tribulation somewhere in our future followed by a 1000 year rule of Christ from Jerusalem. There are also disturbing doctrines regarding what takes place in the millenium that I'm sure will be discussed in volume 2.
However for volume one sit back and listen at least to the birth of dispensationalism, the character of it's earliest proponents and at least see if it isn't valid to ask, whether we should not take a serious look at dispensationalism if for no other reason than the character of those who first popularized it, such as John Darby and C. I. Schofield. In the end it is what the Bible says and teaches in its context that determines the truth, but we should be on guard against those who seek to draw sheep after themselves as these men did and then shut off any other believers from them. On top of that some of the disturbing things that were in these men's lives also reflect a lack of godliness and qualification for one to teach the Word of God, much less add notes in a study Bible.
I highly recommend this first installment of "The Late Great Planet Church" for personal viewing, as well as, for groups. Now, if you are a dispensationalist, don't discount what I write here and not view the dvd. Get it and take in the information and then respond to it. I am one that use to be dispensationalist many years ago, but when I was forced to study through books of the Bible an do so in their contexts there is no way one would ever come to the conclusion of dispensationalism apart from someone teaching it to them, because the concepts are foreign to the text itself. With that I will end on the note of encouragement to arm yourself with the facts contained in the video. Jerry is an excellent researcher and makes sure his facts are straight before publishing them. As a former contributer to Watchman Fellowship, a counter cult ministry in Texas, he is widely known and is the president of and writer for the Amazing Grace, The History and Theology of Calvinism DVD. Click the link above to be taken to the web site where you can order this dvd.

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Updated wish list

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Vision Forum Wishlist:)

Vision Forum and Lifeinashoe are having a giveaway:) so we are posting a wishlist. go check out their sites.

Wish List of Vision Forum Items:

The Anti-Historical Revisionism Home School Kit #23507 $45

The Master’s Plan for Fathers # 43752 $35

Strength and Dignity for Daughters #86650 $10

Passionate Housewives Desperate for God # 84332 $16

The Wise Woman’s guide to Blessing Her Husbands Vision # 68221 $16

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Book Review: Prowl

Well wow! It's been almost two years since I posted anything on the blog site and now I just discovered that I never posted a book review of my brother Gordan Runyan's Prowl. So Here it is from 8/27/2007. It is short and I can't give all the details since I don't want to give the story away, but suffice it to say we thoroughly enjoyed the book. Thanks so much Gordan:)

I wanted to take a moment and write a brief review of a good friend's novel, Prowl. Gordan sent me the book a few months back. I often read historical type novels with the kids during or after family worship at night. However, since my dear brother sent it to me and in anticipation of all of the excitment and suspense that I heard about, we put it immediately in line to read to the kids after our current book.

We began the book some weeks back, but because of having to be out of town due to an overload in the work we had, the book went very slow for us. However, it was all it was made out to be:) Gordan has a great style of writing and if you have ever talked with him, you can almost hear his voice in some of the humor of the book. If you've ever read his blog and enjoyed it, then you will enjoy this novel. Like I said there were times where I was completely cracking up, looked at my wife and kids and said, "This has Gordan Runyan written all over it".

You will enjoy the story. It has action, suspense, and edge of your seat drama. this reads almost like an episode of 24. The great thing about the novel is that it is not a pipe dream. It is based in reality. Real life stuff happens. Gordan gives you intimate details of the inner workings of a Navy submarine and he takes time to develop the ship and its crew for those who wouldn't know what a poopie suit is:)

The message of the gospel is realistic too. Gordan develops the characters in the story very well and the back and forth between scenes is what makes it so great. You are never stuck in just one scene, but are constantly being moved about with action, suspense and adventure as well as an easy to follow story line. Gordon, you should write many more books brother. Those who read will not find this the usual "Christian novel" simply because the main character is struggling to understand who he is in light of what he learns from God's Word. In the midst of things he isn't surrounded by a bunch of Christians who are encouraging him. Rather he finds himself trying to stay alive amidst a killer on the loose in his submarine. My hat's off to this book. My family enjoyed reading it together:) They even run around the house saying, "Mo betta"....and if you are wondering what that is......get the book:)

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The erasure of American borders with Canada & Mexico??

Conservative Coalition Assembles To Warn Americans About Agenda For ‘Hush-Hush’ North American ‘Merge-Fest’ In Quebec.

Lancaster, PA/ August 17, 2007 - The Constitution Party, joins conservative groups and a growing number in Congress urging Americans to speak out against the formation of a North American Union (NAU).

A meeting, planned for Aug-20-21 in Quebec, will advance the well-developed plan despite a near blackout by U.S. media.

The summit, sponsored by The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, a vehicle by which the NAU is being advanced, will be led by President George Bush of the United States, Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico to plan an EU-type merger joining all three countries.

Former Director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity, Howard Phillips said: "This summit is being held away from the scrutiny of the American people. It was declared off limits to those who oppose it, and that speaks volumes. The SPP is part of a treacherous scheme to incrementally merge Canada, the United States, and Mexico in a manner similar to that, which brought the European Union into being over a span of 50 years. Lost liberties and a lower standard of living would be the inevitable result if our borders with Mexico and Canada were to be erased. Americans won't want to be part of that global nightmare." Phillips, founder of the fast-growing Constitution Party, one-time presidential candidate and the leader of the Conservative Caucus ( will be joined by a coalition of American and Canadian leaders assembled in Quebec to speak out against the proposed merger of the three countries at a press conference.

The press conference is scheduled for August 20th, 2007 at 10 am at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel, Ottawa, Canada.

“The NAU and the SPP are a virtual toxic alphabet soup being cooked up behind closed doors so Americans won’t have a clue they’re about to lose their rights and freedoms until it’s too late,” warned Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer. “Just ask the people in Europe who are now dealing with the disastrous effects of the E.U.”, Clymer further noted.

Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author of the new book The Late, Great U.S.A.-The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada will be covering the SPP summit from Quebec. Corsi is an internationally known expert on the clandestine effort to force Americans into an unconstitutional fusion with other countries.

The Constitution Party joins opponents of the SPP/NAU and supports proposed legislation (HCR40) introduced by Congressman Virgil Goode (R-VA) which calls for an end to the merger that would result in a North American Union (NAU). In addition, the Constitution Party expresses appreciation to the 18 states introducing resolutions calling for a halt to work on the NAU.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thomas More before those who condemned him

I ran across this quote in my study of Philemon. It comes from Sir Thomas More, who was the Lord Chancellor of England under Henry VIII. The quote is cited in Thomas More, by R. W. Chambers, pg. 342). Remember that this quotes comes after the very men he is addressing have condemned him to death.

“As the blessed apostle St. Paul…consented to the death of St. Stephen, and kept their clothes that stoned him to death, and yet be they now both twain holy saints in Heaven, and shall continue there friends for ever, so I verily trust, and shall therefore right heartily pray, that though you Lordships have now here in earth been judges to my condemnation, we may yet hereafter in Heaven merrily all meet together, to our everlasting salvation.”

May God grant us this kind of spirit in dealing with those who oppose us!

A quick update

Just a quick update. I know I haven't posted in a while, but wanted everyone to know that things are ok with us. Today we hope, in God's Providence, that this will be our last visit with DSS. It has been 8 months since this started. The other week RC was released from the specialist and was given a clean bill of health. So we are waiting now on the case worker's visit. We are praying for God's favor with them.

On a lighter note, the family and I were able to meet Nathan White and his wife and daughter the other week as he was up our way on business. We had a delightful time around the table and are thankful to call them brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope we are able to do it again sometime:)

Gordan, hehe, we are still trudging slowly along through Prowl. We are almos towards the end. We just finished the chapter where the Omaha torpedos the cruiser. That has been the most intense chapter! I loved the back and forth too. It really made it edge of your seat reading.

Hopefully, I will get back to posting some things soon.