Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Prayer Answered

Well in just a short time we have received a van. Yes, we will be keeping the Chevy Venture. This will make short errands where everyone is not tagging along a little easier. However, when the new addition arrives and on trips this van will be great for the family. There is plenty of seating. On the way home each of the kids wanted to ride with me in "the new big blue van". Each of them had a seat. Caleb sat with me in front, then the first bench seat was occupied by Dakota, then Tabitha, then Tori and finally Hannah (Peanut) in the rear. It will be difficult to get used to, but hopefully will serve a good purpose. It does have cruise control, which is a plus. It is also a 1 ton capacity van with towing package, so we will be able to pull many people and possibly a camper or boat in the future.

So we give thanks to God that He provided so quickly. Though we were hoping for it to cost us nothing, it actually was fairly inexpensive and to top that off we received about $1300.oo from out of nowhere, but of course we must realize the providence of God in holding that back in order that we might praise Him for His provision.

Yes it does say Cleveland County Family YMCA. Actually it's a good thing. Now when people ask if all those are our kids, we can just point to the sign. I'm kidding. Whenever that question comes up it is the greatest opportunity we have to present them with the reason for each of our blessings and to spread the gospel of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and glorify Him in doing so. If you happen to read this, one thing the van does not have at the moment is A/C. It has the capacity, but seems to not blow cold air. I will be attempting to work on that this weekend, so I ask for your prayers in my endeavors that the Lord Would guide me to good info on the web in checking the A/C system and getting it fixed.

Sola Deo Gloria

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