Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just Say "Yes"

I caught this sign the other day. It is also from a church down the street. This time it is the church of a friend of mine. However, the same thing applies to this sign that seems to apply to every other one. It is simple-minded, not simple. Someone tries desperately to give the gospel and yet cannot give enough that even the non-elect could reject it. Again, signs are not necessarily made for evangelizing. If they were, then Christ would have commanded us to go and make signs. Instead, He called us to make disciples and to teach them ALL THAT HE COMMANDED. Sadly many today focus on one particular area and do not look to teach all that He commanded. There are those who focus only on passages that teach good things. There are those who only focus on the passages that teach bad things. There are those who focus on health and wealth and prosperity. Sadly some from our Reformed camps think that if they don't polish the "5 points" every week then they haven't honored God. But there is a balance and that balance comes when we allow the whole of Scripture to speak and hear what God is saying about Himself, us and how we are to live in light of His divine truth, which leads me to the following picture.

Again, think with me, what does this mean? It could mean at least 10 things that I named off to my wife the other night to 10 different people professing to be Christians. It could mean and infinite number of things to those who do not profess Christ. Some may object at this point and say, "Well, it's what the person who put it up intended." While that might be true, the person did put it up for the public to view and without a context in which to put it. When we utilize hermeneutics, we do so from a context, not from a vacuum. Therefore, some of the things I thought of were the following:

(1) Those who would be disposed to the prosperity gospel might look and say, "Yes Jesus, I do want that Cadillac", or "Yes Jesus I do want that big house".
(2) Those who might follow a health gospel might look and say, "Yes Jesus, I do want a healthy body", or "Yes Jesus, I do want this cancer gone in your name".
(3) Those who might hold to a positive thinking doctrine might look and say, "Yes Jesus, I will think positive thoughts today", or "Yes Jesus, I will not think negative thoughts today".
(4) The Arminian might look and say, "Yes Jesus, I will exercise my free will today". Sorry, I couldn't help it, but you know it's true.
(5) The Reformed person would look and say, "Yes Jesus, I need your help today and apart from you I am completely undone."

There are others that I might sight, but you get the point. Saying Yes to Jesus could mean many different things and totally different than what the church intended to put up. In my opinion this is what makes these signs such a scandal, but people like how clever they sound, don't they.

I have an idea for a sign, let me know what you think. "God is a just judge and He is angry with wicked men everyday. God is devising his instruments of men's judgments. He is preparing His sword, His bow, His fiery arrows and is waiting to judge men and while He is doing that man continues to dig a pit for himself into which he will fall and be judged by God. But there is good news. A Savior has come who has taken the sword through His own heart, felt the sting of the fiery arrows from God's bow and did it on behalf of those who trust in Him. Therefore repent of your sins, plead for mercy from Christ and seek Him while He may be found, lest you are buried in judgment, from which there will be no escape."

OK, I know it's a little long, but I wonder if that might get someone's attention. This only means that I'll have to call my friend Jerry Johnson and order a huge sign to put it on. He will be happy:) In case you are wondering, a portion is taken from Psalm 7.

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DOGpreacher said...

Hey Tim, that wouldn't be a very friendly sign to our seeker friends would it?