Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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I haven't had an opportunity to finish up my blog on Katrina. However, it is in the works. I am in the midst of an intensive study of Daniel and so my time had sadly been limited. However, I was able to have some time yesterday to work in the yard with the kids. We trimmed hedges and bushes and also pressure washed the house. They also helped me Saturday wash the vans. We had a great time. Those are the wonderful moments that you really get to spend with your kids. You are able to watch them help and work with one another, even if there is the occasional cold wet spray of the hose at one another. How I cherish those moments working along-side my little ones.

The other times are those times that are spent reading to them. Usually in the morning I have to leave before they wake up, and so Denise is the one reading, or they are reading themselves. However, at night we are into many things. We are about to finish Richard Newton's little book, "Heroes of the Early Church" (click on the photo to order). I have been challenged in many areas by the men of the early church. Also, we are going to start "A Journey in Purity". I have completed all of the journey series, but the kids missed about 4 of them. We are also in the book of Romans and trying desperately to go through the Douglas Bonds book "Duncan's War". I pray that God may take His words, whether from my mouth, books, or straight from His Word and apply them by grace to my children.

Anyway, I should be able to post tonight I hope. I will also be posting some things in regards to home birth. We spoke yesterday to a very helpful lady named Damaris. She is a midwife and we are going to seek her services in regards to delivering our next baby at home, Lord willing. I am very excited for several reasons: I think it will be more relaxing for Denise, it will be less expensive, and I just may have the opportunity to deliver the baby myself. I'll write more as we get to know this lady. If you're reading this, please be in prayer concerning the provisions that we need in order to pay for this. Our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and all of the earth is His, so we ask beleiving that since He has given us this child that He will provide.



DOGpreacher said...

Tim, I hope you don't mind, I would like to print out your post to use at my church. I would like to use your piece while preaching on Deuteronomy 6 as a modern day example of obedience to God in parenting. Thank you...I am...

grateful for grace.

Tim said...

You are most welcome to do so. Please use them in context and for the glory of God. I know you will:)