Monday, September 12, 2005

A Great Post on Law and the Gospel

Here is a great post by Steve Camp on Law and the Gospel. It was quite interesting, but even more curious were the discussion comments that followed (They were up to 65 at the time of this posting). Everything from antinomianism to a wonderful brother's insights into the law and Paul's continuing to obey the law in the book of Acts. I hope you find it encouraging.

Here's the Link


Ephraim said...


It looks like the fire has died out on that one.

Next time around. 'till then....


Tim said...

yes, maybe........and I was enjoying the discussion so much as well. Thanks for your comments. They really made me think about some things.

DOGpreacher said...

It was up over 100 comments the last time I looked. That subject will always draw much interest and response. I called James Spurgeon (Howling Coyote), and clued him in to what was going on with this post of Campi's.

Tim, can you (and you, Ephraim) let me know if you received my e-mail with attachments of theological poetry ( attempts at it), so I know I am sending them right. I am still fairly new to the computer.

I appreciated both you guys comments, and I learned from both of you.

Please click on 'dogpreacher' and take a look at the question I have posed. You will be able to view parallel bibles for study (and interlinears)at, & The Unbound Bible.

May the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob continue to work through you for His glory!...I am....

grateful for grace.