Saturday, February 17, 2007

DSS Update 2-7

Before launching into my thoughts concerning paedo baptism, I wanted to give an update. Well friends, I have seen the face of DSS and it is ugly. It has been beaten with several ugly sticks. Every branch on the ugly tree was hit. It’s mother, or I should properly render it, father is ugly. I attempted to be forthcoming and give DSS a chance to prove to me they really were doing their job and nothing more. However, in just one day they have shown me that they are incompetent, unable to answer the simplest of questions without turning the tables on me and threatening legal action, and a clear practice of deception and above all a show of cowardice.

Denise and I are currently listed as “indicated”, which basically means that we are found guilty by these people. Mind you, they are an entity that has immunity. That’s right. They seem to be able to violate your constitutional rights, jump to huge leaps of illogic and proclaim that you are guilty. What is so ironic in this situation is twofold: (1) Those investigating us have small children that they neglect everyday, when they come to work for DSS (either leaving them at daycare or with someone else rather than caring for them as parents, while I try and make provisions for my wife to be at home with our kids (which DSS is in fact disrupting). (2) While the doctors at CMC who reported us (and they have to do this by law, go figure) go about their merry lives, they did absolutely nothing for my son. Did you get that? Nothing. Even the doctors now who we are made to see claim he is unhealthy because he doesn’t fall on a curve somewhere on their chart, yet CMC says there is no medical reason for this. So when I ask can he be healthy and small, the response is “No”. The answer given is, “Because he doesn’t fit on our chart.” And yet he continues to gain weight and be alert and mobile and happy. If this is such a life threatening issue and the child is in danger, then why wait 2 weeks in between visits? Shouldn’t he be admitted somewhere that can find out what is wrong as soon as possible? See?? Incompetence. So we are now in hold mode until our attorney files the paperwork.

Please pray for us. I realize this is a sovereign work of God. I know His hand is in it. And yet there is both a righteous anger in me at what is being done to us in the name of “it’s for the best interest of the child”, and also I confess some fleshly anger. I realize that my sinful desires are not justified because of the sins of others. It is unacceptable and I have repented several times. Pray that my repentance might be genuine and that I would indeed honor the Lord. Please pray for Denise as well. It has been very hard on her being accused of such things. No one loves her children like she does and to be told that you are basically guilty of not loving your child because you don’t take them to the doctor for “well visits” is simply outrageous. Please remember R.C. as well. He is the one caught in the midst of all of this and unless something can be done legally, then we will probably have to have him endure some very uncomfortable procedures in order to demonstrate that DSS has absolutely no idea of what they are doing.

Brothers, thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement.


Nathan White said...


I meet each Saturday morning with some guys to pray and discuss scripture. This morning I shared your story with them, some of who know you from the interaction on my blog. They were shocked at these developments, and we are all going to make it a matter of prayer.

Tim said...


thanks so much brother. Your words have been a great encouragement to me and your prayers are even more greatly appreciated.

Gordan said...

I should really not be commenting here, because of that whole fleshly wrath thing. When I calm down I will pray for you guys. I will make certain that the church hears about this concern today as well.

I feel like my own family has been attacked when I read this. You are my brother and I wish I could just punch somebody for you, God help me.

Anything you need that I might be able to give, ANYTHING, I really hope that you will let me know. I will break myself to get it done, I promise.

Tim said...


Brother I truly hear you here. I really do. But today at church I was greatly instructed, corrected and built up. From our study of Galatians concerning the gospel the other pastor spoke about the gospel being primarily of the intellect and not the emotions. Though the emotions and the will are effected, they should not be the determining factor in our obedience to God. With that in mind, this situation does stir up the emotions. Believe me when I say that whatever you "feel" I have felt it many times over, some righteously, but many times not. I sense the admonition from the Scriptures that God gave to Cain: Sin is at the door. It wants to rule over you, but you must master it. We tend to sin when ruled by our emotions and not our minds. In my case, I am constantly being brought to repentance because I still see the ingrained sin within me, though it no longer holds dominion over me.

We sincerely do need your prayers. I do understand this is from the hand of God and my greatest fear, on par with the safety of my family, is that I would somehow dishonor the Lord Jesus and give cause for anyone to blaspheme the Word of God. I am human, but that is no excuse before God. It really isn't and though there have been those around me who tend to think it is and excuse for sinful tendencies in me, God says otherwise.

To know that brothers pray for me and my family concerning this matter really does mean more than anything. I am thankful to God that you and Nathan and many others have us before the throne petitioning on our behalf. May the Lord use the situation to draw His people unto Himself and destroy our enemies and bring them to shame for His glory.