Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Address For Help in DSS case

Brothers and sisters,

I have been overwhelmed at the numerous emails from so many people that I don't know who are praying for us. I am extremely humbled by your love and God's graciousness. Many of you have asked could you help us financially since we are going to have to acquire an attorney. Our attorney is Dr. George Gaddis. He is a godly man and very skilled in DSS cases in SC and abroad. This will be an incredible amount of money. We will be sending him $2300.00 to start everything and since this will more than likely go to trial, we are very unsure just how expensive this will be. We have prayed that our Father will meet the need and I realize that money will not fall out of the sky, but God uses means. Please do not feel pressure to give. If you are unable, then if the Lord brings us to mind, please pray for us. But if you desire to help, you can send donations to the other elder, Tim Davis, at our church and these will be tax deductible. You may send them to:

Heritage Community Church
1627 Laurel Lane
Gastonia, N. C. 28054

I truly am humbled by the ourpouring of love and concern from brothers and sisters in Christ. I am much more comfortable being on the giving side than the receiving end. However, we are in desperate circumstances and are completely dependent upon God and His people. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you and may God bless you all.

Tim & Denise Brown, Tori, Caleb, Hannah, Dakota, Tabitha, Hailey, & RC

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