Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Concise Illustration Regarding the Alcohol Issue

Josh Buice has wrapped up this month's posting regarding alcohol. After coming to the end One gentleman replied with these words:

David I have seen the destruction of what alcohol does and how it will work as an evil in peoples lives ! It starts with that one little drink and before you know its 2 - 3 -4 - or more before you know it ? I COMPARE IT SORT OF SPEAK WITH A GOOD OLD SOUTH GA PEACH COBBLER YOU CAN;T EAT JUST ONE BOWL ? Reading through all the comments that was posted I can;t really tell if you and Josh came to an agreement of what the scripture says . In my opinion it should have been accepted as it is because it is the word of GOD and JESUS is the only perfect being that walked on earth. whether it be fermented or juice of the vine history tells us that the water was unsafe to drink and that is to be accepted as one of GODS blessings that he supplied to the people of the land ? The question about whether JESUS gave drunk men wine I would think that JESUS would not have tolerated doing that !

Now I want to point out that there was respectful conversation going on at the site, which I really appreciate among brethren and this brother was no exception. However, to help make the point clear I tried to give a clear and concise illustration regarding the line between gifts from God and the sinnner turning those gifts into sin. I think this is a way we might help others to understand exactly the position that many of us would take. Here's my response:

Let me see if we can be a little clearer. You stated that you have seen the destruction alcohol brings. Let me correct you. You have seen the destruction that drunkards bring by sinning in their drunkenness. Alcohol does nothing in itself. That's like the argument that guns kill people. No. People kill other people with guns. However, guns can be of great use for protection. The problem is with the sinner.

Other instances we could site:

God gives food, but commands us not to be gluttons.

God made women, but commands men not to lust after them, nor fornicate, nor commit adultery

God has graciously provided, possessions, but commands not to steal.

God gives us times of rest, yet commands us not to be lazy.

God gives us work, yet commands that there be times of rest.

You see there is a clear line between a gift from God and our evil intentions turning that gift into sin.


rbj said...

Tim thanks for the comments ! The only other thing if you don;t mind would you answer a question that you stated you were a tetotaler [ abstaining from alcohol ] how did you come about making that decision in your life ? I stand by my comments that I have shared and I know as an old saying that comes to mind saying [ that if you lay with dogs , you;re going to get fleas . ] BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOURS AND HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY ! LOL RON.

Tim said...


Thanks for your question. I came to that position on two fronts. First, mine was clearly anabuse of substance. I knew nothing of a drink and stop. I was a drunkard, as well as, many other things. Jesus came to save sinners, not so much from Hell, though that is true but from their sins. Notice my sin: drunkenness.

Second, though I believe I have the liberty to drink and not become drunk, I choose to abstain because I don't want a stumbling block put in front of anyone. With that said, if there was an ailment, say, something with my stomach and the best natural means was some wine, then I would partake in my own home and demonstrate to my family how to be responsible with what God has given.

I appreciate your comments and attitude at PTD as well.

I know that saying. But first you must lie with the dogs. Did Jesus get fleas? Surely you must believe that he did actually sit with some who did drink fermented wine, even if you believe there is a distinction in the New Testament. Also, not everyone who drinks does so with drunkards. Just the other day, a dear brother pointed out to me that he use to live in Italy and he never saw a drunk person there. He mentioned that they ate very little meat and they partook of wine at every meal, but he never saw anyone abusing it. So, in the heart of the vineyard, Italy, we have eyewitness accounts of those who can enjoy God's gift, though I dow wonder if they do it to the glory of God.

I would recommend an article (it is brief) by Chad Degenhart on this subject. I tend to take it as my position as well. Maybe it would be clearer. If you wish to read it click here. Thanks for dropping by Ron.

DOGpreacher said...

Well said, Tim.