Sunday, July 02, 2006

And in this corner........Ergun Caner

So I have discovered that Dr. Caner has put on his "blogging" gloves. He has officially started a blog on his web site and it is simply amazing that he has chosen to have several "areas" of posting. Notably he is going to have a special section on Calvinism, but it will not appear up under apologetics. I wonder if maybe now he considers reformed believers as brother? Probably not. It is also of note that since he is a supposed convert from Islam that he would have specific blog posts on Islam, but that is not a special category. However, I would assume that might just fall under the apologetics section. In any case, we can at least know that the statements he makes there will clearly be public and will simply add to the already made public emails between Dr. White and him. I'm sure that his postings will be no different than his rantings from the pulpit and from the keyboard. Therefore, more than ever, his errors will be clearly documented.

I am sure that STRANGEBAPTISTFIRE.COM will be thrilled to take on some of his posts:)

Also, I would love to take this opportunity to point you to a culture blog from Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation. This blog is from some wonderful friends of mine who are seeking to take the gospel to Muslims. By the way, they are the very types of people, in their theology, that Dr. Caner said killed missions and evangelism. Well here are those who are actually willing to lay down their lives for their enemies, as well as, their friends, in order to carry the gospel to those who do not yet know Christ. Please be sensitive if you visit the sight to the fact that they are there for learning in order to accomplish a long term goal. Their goal is to go to the Jungles of West Papua and they are in training for 1 year. Therefore, it is vital that they not be recognized as missionaries. Please keep this in mind as you visit the site.

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