Monday, December 26, 2005

Jim Elliot's Story about to hit big screen?

In January 1956, five men dared to make contact with the most savage tribe in history, and their story changed lives around the world. Fifty years later the story, told from the tribe's perspective, will reach another generation in theaters January 2006.

I found out recently about a new movie due out in the first month of the new year, 2006. Evidently it will be somehow a retelling of the Jim Elliot story. Jim was a missionary determined to take the gospel to the Auwca Indians of Ecquador. He and his team were brutally murdered just days after landing in the jungle. When I have read Jim Elliot's biography and his personal journal, you cannot help but sense a love for Christ and for men. I have also been blessed to hear his wife, Elizabeth on the radio.

Jim Elliot said, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

I understand that this movie is a representation of the book "Through the Gates of Splendor" by Jim's widow, Elizabeth. If so, I am hopeful that God will use it to move many men and women into the fields for harvest.


Hank said...

I just read this book this past fall. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the movie.
Also, you have been stamping out some good stuff in your eschatology posts. Keep up the great work! Gentry has done some good work. I am currently reading his "He Shall Have Dominion" which is the flagship work for the reconstructionist movment. There are a lot of apealing aspects to this flavor of post-mill'ism that are atleast interesting to study. I delayed sending your stuff because I want to add to it but cannot until next week. Any way, Lord Bless

Tim said...

Thanks Hank,

I am looking forward to getting those materials. I am also reading the book which Gentry contributed to about the three views of the Millenium and Beyond. However, at this point, I don't quite follow the thinking of the post-millenialist. I seem to understand the position of Robert Strimple best, as he holds to the amillenialist position. It seems to make much more sense.

Hank said...

I agree. I have that one as well. It seems to me that the practical out workings of true Christianity is what they base their position on. Nothing I would disagree with, yet I am not sure about applying them to the out working of history. There has always, and it seems their will always be, wicked to judge 'on that day'. If the whole world was 'Christianized', it seems the vindication of God's people from the 'world, oppressors, evil, ect.' would not fit in the continuity of all of Scripture. Besides, how is one 'Christianized'? I do however like their applications of the Kingdom to our time and our culture instead of sticking their heads in the sand waiting for the sky to fall. Right now, they are the prolific writers among orthodox preterist and I enjoy their work. Have a great new year.

Tim said...

I agree with your points. However, we mustunderstand that Dr. Gentry also affirms that there will be a great apostasy at the end, as Satan is released to deceive again. So the "truly" wicked will be revealed. There will be those on the last day according to Jesus who call Him Lord, but do not enter. I say that so that we are at least fair to his position.

Hank said...

Agreed, thanks.

Doug E. said...

Looking forward to see the film. We are taking our youth group tomorrow.