Monday, December 26, 2005

Are you a part of the Calvinist Revolution?

I know that my posts come like machine gun fire. I don't have posts for a week or more at a time and then, boom, there are several of them. This is concerning an email from a dear brother of mine. He was in the Air Force and has lived around the world. He has many Christian brothers and sisters that he personally knows in many of the areas of the world and keeps in contact with them. He forwarded an email from one of his friends in Italy, we'll call him JJ. I thought it was extremely funny concerning how this radio guy in Italy dug himself a hole concerning the practice of what is commonly Roman Catholicism and the only way out was to setup up a "Calvinist Conspiracy", which he evidently perceives to be the enemy:) I'm enlisted, how bout you? LOL. (Although, I wish they would do it justice and call it a Christ Revolution.)

The following is the short email.

While listening to a normal Italian radio station this morning -- "Radio DJ" -- one of the announcers started talking about cultural religious practices. That's not at all uncommon here, but what I heard this morning made stop and think.

The man made special note of the fact that, in his opinion, from the standpoint of religion, Italy has advanced farther than other nations of the world -- "even other Catholic nations" -- in that pilgrimages, etc. -- "to places like Lourdes, for example" -- are not obligatory. Italian Catholics can go to Lourdes, or not, as they please. "And that's why church attendance in Spain is so high."

He was obviously getting into deep water by then, and realized he was making Italian religion seem light and almost meaningless, as if he were saying, "Italians can do what they want, and nobody cares."

In order to save himself, he uttered the following: "And this is the best way to prevent the Calvinist revolution which has occurred in so many other countries." (!)

How interesting that, on the spot, and under the gun, a phrase like "the Calvinist revolution" should be broadcast nationwide.

I spare you my personal comments, but it does make one stop and think.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up! I live in a town with "a church on every corner," and not a single one of them preaches the true Gospel. My husband and two girls are the only Calvinists I know. We are desperately trying to find a church in the closest city (an hour away), but it is hard to do when you don't live there. I want so badly to find a church where the truth is preached and a body of believers to fellowship with.

Daniel said...

I don't know where you live, but here in Nebraska Calvinism is all over. I think that it's kinda fad personally. Piper and company are in, and in awhile it will go out. Trends. Of course, that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe I need to move to Nebraska then. I live in the east.
Any "fad" started by Jesus Himself and the apostles is a "fad" I want to be in on!
Do a study on church history.

Tim said...

Hey anonymous,

I am from the southeast. I agree with you: Calvinism is definitely not a fad. It has been around for ages. However, I think that when you see true revival come it will and should carry true doctrine. Therefore, I think God is opening the eyes of His people to see these truths and though they once touched upon God's glory in ignorance, now they are content to truly and openly proclaim His sovereignty.


Thanks for dropping by. I do have to chuckle a bit. Brother, the people who are "in" are the Rick Warrens and Beth Moore and John Eldredge. The doctrines of grace are exegetical, not a fad, no matter who proclaims them. Anyway, I think though that the historical review will demonstrate the difference of the truth in regards to this issue. So, how are things out there in Nebraska? We traveled out that way about a year and a half ago and it was beautiful country.

Daniel said...


Not many people find Nebraska beautiful. My wife's from Colorado and she likes the mountains better. We're in the Northwest and so there's so trees up here. What part of Nebraska were you traveling in?

Yeah, I agree that Rick Warren, Beth Moore, and John Eldredge are "hip" in Christianity today, but they surely aren't the only ones. Calvinism has popular influence especially in the music arena. Look at Chris Tomlin, Derek Webb, Caedmon's Call, Jars of Clay, and Supertones. All the songwriters in those groups are Calvinists. That's what I call "pop" Christianity. That doesn't make their ideas necessarily wrong, but you gotta admit that Calvinism is pretty popular in evangelicalism right now.

Tim said...


I would agree that most of those musicians would be popular. What is sort of astounding is the crowd that listens. Often, most people don't give music a second thought. Although there are some of us who actually care what the lyrics say. I have found that most people simply like the melody. However, if they were to ever truly be confronted with the message and understand exactly what those who are reformed are saying, many of them would no doubt, not listen.

In any case, your point is taken. However, as I said before, the historical record does not show a fad, but is the opposite.

As for Nebraska. We just journeyed through the north eastern section just a bit. I consider all of that area (Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, etc) to be beautiful. However, I understand what you are saying about Colorado as well. I went out to Wyoming in 94 and it was breath taking. Mountains were all around and low humidity simply made it a very pleasant place. I hope I can take my family out there one year.