Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pics from Jamestown

I thought I might post a few pics from our trip to Jamestown. I don't do a lot of pic posting, but thought some might enjoy:) So here they are.

The John Smith Monument

The Susan Constant.

Teddy Roosevelt reenactment

Fifers at Jamestown

First Landing Reenactment.

Inside the first Jamestown church building

The Memorial Cross at Jamestown

Dakota showing that Jamestown is not only 17th century history, but also Civil War history

The Browns in front of the Jamestown settlement.

Hannah enjoying the delights of fruit..

Caleb becoming a young man and helping his mother by carrying the diaper bag.

OK, Mom & Dad got into trouble. Fortunately we weren't hung

Hailey enjoying a piggyback ride. Dad with a super short hair cut!

And people think boys are only interested in science fiction.....

A Reformed Baptist's kids with the idol of Pocohantus..

A very cute Brown girl beside the James River.

The family by the James River

The kids with Ms. Hawley & Ms. Regina, and yes RC is having a caniption fit:)

Tori and Tabitha with a new friend Emma

Hailey with new friend Jacille (not sure about spelling:)

The Brown kids on Duke of Gloucester St. in Colonial Williamsburg


Carl Larson said...

Great pictures. Thank you for sharing. Glad to see that you and your family were able to have a great time at the 400th anniversary celebration.

I'm sure that you and Denise feel like you have been in the stocks with your ordeal with DSS. I hope that situation improves greatly.

Denise looks great...she seems to be doing well with the pregnancy.

All our best to you and your family.

Carl Larson said...

Upon further review...pillory and not stocks.

Tim said...

haha! thanks Carl. I didn't even realize the difference:) Yes, Denise is doing well, though, today her grandmother died. Please be in prayer for her family at this time.

Nathan White said...

Beautiful! Praise God for the wonderful time you guys had.

We will be praying for you guys.