Friday, December 08, 2006

You want me to do what???


I know that most of the time there is serious stuff on here, but I got this from my boss this morning and nearly fell off the chair at the sight of this dog's face. This is truly hilarious! Everyone have a great weekend!


Gordan said...

That dog would never make it on Fear Factor. Unlike humans in the pursuit of cash, he seems to have his limits. LOL

Hank said...

Thats great!

The dog might be thinking,

"Yep, its Monday alright."

"Doesnt he know I smelled those nasty things 5 miles ago?"

"He should try it when he gets home tonite, see how he likes it."

"I just remembered, I forgot some stuff back at the kennel."

"He wants me to find the rest of this dude?"


Gunny said...

Sheer greatness.

Hey, he's man's best friend, but every friendship has its limits.

I'm just glad those aren't mine. Mine are more hol(e)y than that!

Gordan said...

At great personal expense, I have procured a piece of Tim Brown's clothing (not saying what sort it is) and have used it to send out bloodhounds in search of the bowler-wearing miscreant.