Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Family: God's Weapon for Victory

I just wanted to post this. God knows I have been meaning to put it up to make some aware of it. The Apologetics Group Conference this year is on the family. The following is a little blip about speakers and sessions for this year's conference and pricing. BTW, next year's conference will be on Bible Prophecy, so those of you interested in the subject may want to make plans to attend, Lord willing. If you are interested in attending just click the title of this post to register.

The 2006 Apologetics Group

Conference on Reformed Theology

We would like to invite you to attend The 2006 Apologetics Group Conference on Reformed Theology to be held October 6-7, 2006 ,
in Draper, VA. Where is Draper? Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Virginia , Draper is just minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway . Come and hear inspiring teaching, enjoy great fellowship and experience the spectacular scenery. The registration fee is $30 for singles and $45 per couple. Child care will be provided. Seating is limited, please register early.

"The Family: God's Weapon for Victory"


  • Dr. Thomas Nettles
  • Dr. Kenneth G. Talbot
  • Dr. E. Calvin Beisner
  • Pastor Robert Andrews
  • Eric Holmberg
  • Jerry Johnson

Sessions include

  • The Two Shall Become One: A Theology of Marriage
  • You May Now Kiss the Bride: Preparing for Marriage
  • Romance to Death: The War Against Marriage
  • Aiming our Arrows: Training Covenant Children
  • The Family: God's Weapon for Victory
  • Family Worship: Sharpening our Arrows
  • Laying Down Our Lives: A Husband's Call
  • America 's War against Manhood: A Biblical Response
  • Reforming Entertainment: Retreat is not the Answer
  • Evangelizing our Children: The Do's and Don'ts


Hank said...


The conference looks good. Will there be MP3's available> If so, I would be interested in purchasing them.

Tim said...


I am working with Jerry to see if I can do some recording, both video and audio. If I do, then I'll send you the mp3s. Last year was really good. It was on "Amazing Grace". If you get the chance to hear a man by the name of Cortez Cooper, don't miss it. He was a delight to listen to and was a tremendous blessing to listen to.