Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Great image software

I ran across some great image software. I was doing some renovation of my online store and needed some excellent software, so I was looking for a good deal on Adobe photoshop. While doing so, I ran across someone who mentioned Gimp.org and said it was free. This product is put together by a number of people working on it together and then benefitting from one another's work. I am just getting use to it and it is a little difficult at the start, but is most impressive, for free.

Also, in building the site I am also attempting to use some online store software that is similar to the Gimp in that it is built by many people for their mutual benefit. If you are building a web site and desire the php technology, then you might want to check out oscommerce.com

Ahhhhhh, between all this taking care of the house, Mommy and the new baby along with the other kids, building the store, studying,..........you name it........when will there be time for anything else? Oh well, SDG!

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