Sunday, March 19, 2006

My father turns 70

Image hosting by PhotobucketI thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you to my father. Richard Brown is, in my opinion, a hero of the Christian faith. He has been a faithful father and friend to me. He was converted in 1964, just a year after he and my mother were wed. They adopted me in 1969 when I was 2 months old. He has pastored several churches over the years. Recently he has taken a pastorate in Kings Mountain, N.C. after he retired. Before that he was pastor of Sandy Plains Baptist Church in Gastonia, N.C. for 20 years and before that served for many years as associate pastor of Catawba Heights Baptist Church in Belmont, N.C. Other churches that he served in include Baptist churches in Blacksburg, S.C., Calvary Baptist in Shelby, N.C. and others.

My Dad follows in similar steps to his father, Ed Brown. Though my grandfather was not a believer, he was known as an honest hard working man. My father has the same reputation along with the fact that he is a man who loves people and loves God. He is the kind of man who truly serves others. He is a man who knows what it is to keep a confident conversation confident. Though my father and I don't quite see eye to eye on theological matters, God has been very gracious in prospering our relationship as father and son since my conversion at the end of 1992. We have encouraged and challenged each other and to that end I am forever grateful.

My father was one who saw fit to reads the Scriptures in the home almost everyday that I can remember while I was young. Because of God's work in his life, I can say that I am where I am because of those early influences. Dad is great, not because he is superior to other men, but because of His great God.

His 70th birthday was this past Monday and on the previous Saturday we held a surprise party in his honor. Many people attended from our present and past relationships, including his first pastor, Tom Stevens. Tom and his wife were missionaries to Indonesia years ago and were responsible for sharing the gospel with my father and mother. God graciously converted them just 1 year into their marriage and later called my father into the ministry.

I thought this would be a fitting tribute to let many of you know of my father. He is not one of the more famous preachers, but I think, all things considered, he has sought to be faithful in the feeding of the flock and the care nurture of them. I pray the God will give my father another 30 years of ministry and that He will enable him to run the race and finish well and stand before Him and hear Him say, "Well done good and faithful servant".

As a fitting tribute to my father, we are naming our soon to arrive son, Richard in his honor. Though my father and I agree that we should not give him the middle name Albert (like my Dad's), we decided to name him Richard Cameron. For those of you who are history buffs, you'll recall Richard Cameron was the famous "Lion of the Covenant" among the Scottish Covenanters. The other children are already referring to him as "R.C." Go figure:)


Hank said...


Thanks, may your relationship with your father bleed over another generation to your sons. I my self lost my dad late last summer and it is something I literally think about every day. My God grant us with the ability to cherish each and every moment with both ends of our families, young and old. Lord Bless.....

Oh, my dads name was Albert as well.

Have a great week and my best to you and your wife in the weeks ahead.

DOGpreacher said...

My Dad turns 70 this year also Tim, and has also been a faithful minister of God's word. I loved hearing the manner in which you spoke about your Father.

I am fortunate yo live within 25 miles of my Dad. This post just inspired me to go see him today. Thank You.

...grateful for grace

Bobby Jones said...

I saw that your dad was associat pastor at Catawba Heights. I am currently the "IT" person at Catawba Heights. I am encouraging the staff their to begin blogging. I don't know if you know our pastor Raymond Johns or not but he has a blog


Tim said...


Thanks for commenting. I have heard of Pastor Johns and from what I am told you are blessed to have him as your pastor. The Howells told me about him. Thanks for dropping me a note.