Tuesday, October 11, 2005


We are in contact and support some wonderful people, Trevor and Teresa Johnson, who are preparing to be missionaries to Iran Jaya. Iran Jaya is the western part of Papua, near Indonesia. I was recently sent some maps concerning the unevangelized areas of Indonesia and Bible translation needs.

Unevangelized Areas of Indonesia
I thought I would post them and allow many of you to see the needs of evangelizing the deepest parts of the jungle around the world. Though much of Indonesia is muslim, there are many dark areas of the jungle that have very little of the gospel or none at all. For those of us who are Calvinists, this is simply one more area to demonstrate that Calvinism does not hinder missions. Trevor and Teresa are sovereign grace missionaries and their testimonies are incredible. God is definitely leading them. If you wish to visit their website it is trevorandteresa.com.
Colored map of the “Translation Status” for Papua, Indonesia: This is the latest language assessment map for Papua, Indonesia. The colored areas show areas of need. The “hump” in the northeastern portion (to the east of the “neck” of the “Bird’s Head”) and the southern coast have the most enormous needs.

Indonesia - Northeastern Papua (people group map): This map shows the tribal boundaries of Papua, Indonesia. Last January, I went to many of these areas to include; (106) the Biritai and their neighbors to the south and east, the Dani, the Yali, and many others. Many of these people are listed as “unevangelized” and also as “Definite Translation Needs”.

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